Mani Monday: Summer Gradient Mani

One of my all time favorite nail art methods I like doing is makeup sponged gradients! It’s not only easy and fun, but it allows you to really experiment with different colors. All you really need is a makeup sponge and nail polish!

For this particular look I used Sally Hansen Xtreme “White On”  as the white base and for the gradient Essie “O Crewed Interest” Essie “Mint Candy Apple” Sally Hansen Xtreme “Mellow Yellow”(which I have to add is the most underrated & best yellow polish ever!) I did a stud accent nail for fun but this gradient looks really pretty on its own too in my opinion. I usually like to add a coat of a glitter polish to add some extra sparkle but didn’t today. I made a photo step by step tutorial featured on BudgetBabe if you are interested in detail step by step photos as to how I achieved this look.

Summer Gradient Nails

Tips: Make sure your white base is completely dried before you do the sponging. I like to use the triangular ones because they are easy to control and fit my little nails perfectly! Don’t bother getting an expensive makeup sponge- for some reason the cheaper ones seem to work best 😉

I just love gradients!!! Overall, a very flexible mani with endless possibilities! Have you done any fun gradients lately?

~xoxo B



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