NOTD: My attempt at Chalkboard Nails Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz & Tutorial

When I first saw Sarah from Chalkboard Nails “Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz” Mani I was instantly smitten with her beautiful combo of a gingham print and the glittery red accent nails! I’ve been a huge fan of Sarah for the longest time. Not only are her nail art designs are always so flawless and creative, she is always very nice and supportive to other nail art lovers. I actually wanted to attempt this particular design of hers when I first saw it on her blog last year but honestly was intimidated by the freehand gingham lines. My first attempt didn’t give her design any justice so I scrapped it and practiced free handing the gingham lines for a week and tadddaa! I’m pretty happy with the outcome!I This nail art is perfect for summer and picnics! This is just my rendition of her design. I made a quick photo step by step tutorial below. Hope it is helpful!



PS- Being ambidextrous is a bonus I can do both hands yay!

FYI I did a jelly sandwich to achieve my “ruby red slippers” accent nails. First applied a coat of the Sally Hansen’s Red Carpet and then a coat of Spoiled’s Ants in My Pants. Top it with another coat of Red Carpet to “sandwich” the glitters in. Here’s a couple closer looks of the polishes and also of my jelly mani accent nails. . .

antsinmypants macro

This is Spoiled’s Ants in my Pants

red carpet macro

This is a Sally Hansen’s Xtreme Wear Red Carpet

jelly macrojelly macro2

~xoxo B


NOTD: Orchid Inspired Gradient

What girl doesn’t love flowers? Flowers have the power to brighten someone’s day. I have different favorite flowers for different moods but one of my favorite flowers is the Orchid. The simplicity of the flower itself combined with Mother Nature’s gradient of colors is just so beautiful! My husband always gets me flowers despite knowing full well I am not blessed with the “Green Thumb”. Recently, I’ve been trying to improve my plant growing skills because it is the most depressing thing to kill every plant like some sort of plant serial killer ๐Ÿ˜ฆ I was so happy to see that my orchid plant which I got from him back in Valentine’s Day is thriving!! I had 11 buds form and to my surprise they have begin opening up the last couple days! I am ridiculously overjoyed! This is monumental because it is the FIRST plant that has survived my wrath!!




macro orchid gradient

So I came up with a simple and quick Orchid inspired mani to celebrate.

I achieved theย  gradient or ombre using these colors:

  • FlossGloss “Perf”: A pretty barbie pink which has quickly become my new favorite pink!
  • Essie “Bottle Service”: One of my favorites from Essie’s Neon Collection this year, its a fun hot pink!
  • Essie “DJ Play that Song”: A unique and vibrant neon purple also from Essie’s Neon Collection this year


I topped it off with a glitter polish I made that I am currently testing out.

Have you ever done a mani or nail art inspired from your favorite flowers? And random but look it also matches my pink glitter iphone case from JCrew!


~xoxo B

Mani Monday: Summer Gradient Mani

One of my all time favorite nail art methods I like doing is makeup sponged gradients! It’s not only easy and fun, but it allows you to really experiment with different colors. All you really need is a makeup sponge and nail polish!

For this particular look I used Sally Hansen Xtreme “White On”ย  as the white base and for the gradient Essie “O Crewed Interest” Essie “Mint Candy Apple” Sally Hansen Xtreme “Mellow Yellow”(which I have to add is the most underrated & best yellow polish ever!) I did a stud accent nail for fun but this gradient looks really pretty on its own too in my opinion. I usually like to add a coat of a glitter polish to add some extra sparkle but didn’t today. I made a photo step by step tutorial featured on BudgetBabe if you are interested in detail step by step photos as to how I achieved this look.

Summer Gradient Nails

Tips: Make sure your white base is completely dried before you do the sponging. I like to use the triangular ones because they are easy to control and fit my little nails perfectly! Don’t bother getting an expensive makeup sponge- for some reason the cheaper ones seem to work best ๐Ÿ˜‰

I just love gradients!!! Overall, a very flexible mani with endless possibilities! Have you done any fun gradients lately?

~xoxo B


Kate Spade Newsprint Polka Dot Mani

My Nails of the Day- a fun polka dot mani inspired by Kate Spade Newsprint Dot:


I ended up using Essie’s Mint Candy Apple but I was torn between In the Cabana, Essieย  Turquoise and Caicos, and First Timer. I think this mani is so versatile that it would look good in any bright color but I was in a minty green kind of mood.

Another closer look here:


Anyone that knows me, knows that not only do I love nail art- I also love my iphone and am always drawn to cute cases and wallpapers! The other day I stumbled upon this adorable Kate Spade Newsprint Polka Dot iphone case online and was so smitten! I always have a thing for polka dots and fun prints!


[image courtesy of]

My friend Marsha was kind enough to make me a custom wallpaper for my iphone- I think it should hold me over til I get the case! Isn’t her wallpaper just adorable?! Love it!


~xoxo B

Mani Monday: New Sinful Shine Gel Tech Polish

Here’s to another Mani Monday brought to you by little ole me currently fueled with jelly beans (pictured with polish but unfortunately doesn’t come with polish hehe)


I achieved this Mani Monday look by doing a quick gradient glitter tip with Essie’s Luxe “Stroke of Brilliance” over a base coat of Sinful Shine’s “Alfresco”. Just dabble on lightly til you build the glitter gradient you want- no fancy tricks here ๐Ÿ˜‰

Review: I picked up this new polish to try out from the Sinful Colors line “Sinful Shine”. They advertise on the bottle “With Gel Tech” on this particular line of polish. The display at Walgreen’s had a great assortment of colors and I actually wanted to get every single shade of pink and purple, but this particular color really caught my eye called “Alfreso”. It reminded me of Essie’s “Bikini So Teeny” and probably could pass as a nice dupe.

First of all, I must say what a HUGE improvement on formula! I don’t mind Sinful Colors overall as a great cheap drugstore polish brand because I like using them for nail art. However, the one thing I have to complain about is the brush and that some colors can be runnier than others. I kind of expected them to improve the brush for this line. The brush is exactly the same but you can’t really compare it to a perfect brush to that of a higher end polish like Jinsoon polish which I will post more about later. Perhaps they could have invested more in the brush rather than the shiny cap which is another change to differentiate form the regular black top Sinful Colors. Regardless of the brush, this polish applied GREAT!! I can not emphasize how fluid and smooth the formula is for this color! I honestly could have just used 2 coats but I did an extra coat because I couldn’t get over how NICE this polish was! The polish does dry MUCH shiner compared to the regular Sinful Colors line. In fact, it far exceeded my expectations and for only $2.99 at Walgreens- I must get some more!

Have you guys tried the Sinful Shine polish yet? If so what colors do did u get?

~xoxo B.