Mani Monday: Bubble Wrap Mani!

As summer is winding down I have been super busy with my toddler and overjoyed with SUPER exciting news I’m pregnant – hence the little break and lack of updates! I will continue posting but not as frequently as I was before but I will try my best to update at least once a week and look into some new pregnancy safe polishes and such!

So recently, the people at Sally Hansen were kind enough to send me some of their Complete Manicure Nail polishes which I have actually LOVE using in the past for nail art. I really find that the formula in the Complete Manicure line only requires 2 coats for excellent coverage and color. The colors I used for this week’s Mani Monday are “Please Sea Me” a beautiful turquoise deep blue creme color and “Girly Party” a unique rose gold metallic. I combined these two colors to achieve a turquoise stone look that was inspired from a vintage bracelet I have. My pictorial featured on thebudgetbabe for step by step photos but to achieve this look all you need is bubble wrap!


  1. Prep your nails as usual with a base coat.
  2. Apply 2 coats of Please Sea Me the lovely turquoise color and let it dry
  3. Grab a small piece of bubble wrap and dabble on Girly Party
  4. You can control how much of the metallic effect you want because the bubbles of the bubble wrap add a nice cushion as you dabble on
  5. Let it dry and top it off with top coat and you are done!

This look is super easy and mess free! It is similar to Saran Wrap method but I find that bubble wrap allows for less mess and better control of how much color you want. I have done this bubble wrap mani before using several colors for a more textured and abstract look so the possibilities are endless when it comes to colors!


~xoxo B

Disclaimer: These polishes were sent to me by Sally Hansen’s PR representative for my honest opinion and use.



NOTD: My attempt at Chalkboard Nails Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz & Tutorial

When I first saw Sarah from Chalkboard Nails “Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz” Mani I was instantly smitten with her beautiful combo of a gingham print and the glittery red accent nails! I’ve been a huge fan of Sarah for the longest time. Not only are her nail art designs are always so flawless and creative, she is always very nice and supportive to other nail art lovers. I actually wanted to attempt this particular design of hers when I first saw it on her blog last year but honestly was intimidated by the freehand gingham lines. My first attempt didn’t give her design any justice so I scrapped it and practiced free handing the gingham lines for a week and tadddaa! I’m pretty happy with the outcome!I This nail art is perfect for summer and picnics! This is just my rendition of her design. I made a quick photo step by step tutorial below. Hope it is helpful!



PS- Being ambidextrous is a bonus I can do both hands yay!

FYI I did a jelly sandwich to achieve my “ruby red slippers” accent nails. First applied a coat of the Sally Hansen’s Red Carpet and then a coat of Spoiled’s Ants in My Pants. Top it with another coat of Red Carpet to “sandwich” the glitters in. Here’s a couple closer looks of the polishes and also of my jelly mani accent nails. . .

antsinmypants macro

This is Spoiled’s Ants in my Pants

red carpet macro

This is a Sally Hansen’s Xtreme Wear Red Carpet

jelly macrojelly macro2

~xoxo B

Mani Monday: Summer Gradient Mani

One of my all time favorite nail art methods I like doing is makeup sponged gradients! It’s not only easy and fun, but it allows you to really experiment with different colors. All you really need is a makeup sponge and nail polish!

For this particular look I used Sally Hansen Xtreme “White On”  as the white base and for the gradient Essie “O Crewed Interest” Essie “Mint Candy Apple” Sally Hansen Xtreme “Mellow Yellow”(which I have to add is the most underrated & best yellow polish ever!) I did a stud accent nail for fun but this gradient looks really pretty on its own too in my opinion. I usually like to add a coat of a glitter polish to add some extra sparkle but didn’t today. I made a photo step by step tutorial featured on BudgetBabe if you are interested in detail step by step photos as to how I achieved this look.

Summer Gradient Nails

Tips: Make sure your white base is completely dried before you do the sponging. I like to use the triangular ones because they are easy to control and fit my little nails perfectly! Don’t bother getting an expensive makeup sponge- for some reason the cheaper ones seem to work best 😉

I just love gradients!!! Overall, a very flexible mani with endless possibilities! Have you done any fun gradients lately?

~xoxo B


NOTD: Tiny Polka Dotted Pyramid Nail Art

NOTD: Tiny Polka Dotted Pyramid Nail Art

I like organizing my nail polishes and doing a routine inventory because I can’t bear the thought of too many untrieds (or forgottens- as I call them) just sitting in there in the midst of my polishes. It also inspires me to come up with new nail art too.
And behold I totally forgot about the Covergirl Outlast nail polishes I bought when it first came out! So for my nails of the day- I picked out this pretty creme pink called “pink-finity” from Covergirl as a base and used Revlon’s “Silver Dollar” a metallic silver, Revlon’s “Ocean” a metallic teal, and Sally Hansen’s Insta Dri “Pronto Purple” a metallic purple for polka dotting.

Have you found any favorites in your  forgottens or untrieds? ~xoxo B

5 Step Colorblock Nail Art Tutorial

I did these color block nails which I posted on my Instagram last month for a nail art monthly challenge, and alot of people asked me if I could do a tutorial so here we go…I’ve never made a tutorial before so I decided to give it a try because I have to share how easy it is to achieve this look!Image

Supplies needed:

  • Nail art striping tape (Look on Amazon very inexpensive and works great!)
  • Scissors
  • 3 colors any nail polishes ( I used Rimmel’s Black Satin, Sally Hansen’s Xtreme Wear Coral Reef and Pacific Blue)
  • Base coat
  • Top coat
  • Tweezers


The important thing I have to say is that it really only takes 5 easy steps-ANYONE can do it! They look more complex and difficult than they actually are and I totally encourage you to try it. I personally really like this design because it gives you the flexibility to pick whatever colors you want to use. . .the only thing you have to consider is that the polishes you use will cover the colors- so the lighter ones would be applied first and darker last. A very important tip: MAKE sure to dry totally and completely before you do each step!

Good luck! Feel free to comment if you try this look or have any questions!

~xoxo B

Sally Hansen’s Breezy Blue & Golden NOTD & Review

Yesterday, I found out my 3 yr old son has some sinus pressure and irritation from allergies (eff you pollen!) thankfully nothing too severe but the pediatrician recommended some liquid Zyrtec at night for him. So off I immediately went off to my local CVS to fulfill mommy nurse duties and BAM I was bombarded by advertising stickies ($5 ECBS back with any $10 Sally Hansen purchase) all over my favorite section (nail polish duh). It’s like the nail polish goddesses knew I needed a little pick me up after all that worrying about my son’s allergies earlier in the day. So I ended up grabbing the Sally Hansen Complete Manicure gold glitter polish “Golden Rule” and a lovely baby blue Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear “Breezy Blue”.

Here is what I came up with for my nails of the day using both colors:                     Image

I used 3 coats of the “Breezy Blue” and 3 coats of the “Golden Rule” on my accent nail as a base for the leopard. I dabbed a few blobs of the Breezy Blue for my leopard spots and then did little outlines with a black nail polish and viola!

Another closer look which I posted on my instagram:



At first glance, the Sally Hansen Complete Manicure gold glitter polish “Golden Rule” really caught my attention. I have SEVERAL glitter polishes and two things I am very picky about is how smooth application is and glitter curling. Since I do nail art frequently, I don’t have the patience for icky formulas or glitter that doesn’t adhere properly. This glitter is very sparkly and fluid in bottle. Application was fantastic! Soooo smooth and absolutely no curling or bumpiness after drying! I might add that doing the leopard spots on the glitter accent nail was a breeze because it had dried so smoothly underneath as a base. This glitter also was perfect for the glitter tips I did over the Breezy Blue. I didn’t use a sponge- I just lightly dabbed it with the nail polish brush the polish came with. Nothing negative to say about this gold glitter!

The “Breezy Blue” is beautiful hue of baby blue. Its very light shade and I had to use a good solid 3 coats to get it to apply fully and without streaking. A lovely color I think that would look good on any skin tone- as I am very fair I can see this looking amazing on darker skin tones. The only negative thing I can say is that this particular color is kinda of streaky. I actually love the Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear line and this is the first color that has ever been streaky out of their line. I’m thinking it might just be this color? Any one else have this color?

Overall, a really great deal for drugstore nail polish! I recommend a trip to CVS!

~xoxo B