How Much is Too Much Polish?

Does Too Much Nail Polish or Frequent Change Damage Your Nails?

So I just wanted to share this great little article (click above for direct link to article) on Beautylish yesterday which only happily enables my nail polish & nail art addiction further. Apparently as long as you use a good base coat- your nails are safe to change up colors and designs as much as you want!

I probably change my mani every 2-3 days. If I’m really smitten with a design I did, I might keep it longer 5 days and 7 days MAX depending also on how fast it chips. However, Holiday theme manis- I can not wear longer than the day of the holiday-so less than 24 hrs. Recently, I had to come up with designs to meet challenge requirements so I was changing them 3-4 times in ONE DAY! My curiosity has led to me to make my first poll on my blog! Sooooo please answer and let’s see how often does the average nail art lover change up their nails?

Luckily, as much as I do my nails I don’t have any problems with staining or yellowing with my nails. I completely stand by my rigorous use of base coats and the fact I do not use acetone nail polish remover. I religiously avoid harsh acetone removers even though I know they are faster at removing nail polish than the acetone-free ones. But I rather have healthy looking nails then discolored yellow ones any day. A good base coat is everything though! I never apply nail polish without using one. I have several I personally prefer- Essie, Opi, and Seche Vite- what are your favorite nail polish bases?

~xoxo B


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