Mani Monday: 4th of July Glitter Gradient Mani

Recently, Pure Ice was kind enough to send me some more terrific glitter polishes perfect for 4th of July nail art- Dazzle Me– a silver glitter polish packed with holographic silver glitters, Wide Awake– a beautiful turquoise micro fine glitter polish and Freedom– a red, blue and star glitter filled polish. . .


Some macro swatches just to show you how packed with glitter these polishes are!

dazzle mefreedomwide awake

So for this Mani Monday I did a very easy glitter gradient using these polishes. I got alot of compliments on these nails this weekend- a lot of people even asked me “where did you get those glitter nail wraps?”. I think they look very smooth like nail wraps because of the way these particular glitter polishes transferred over almost like a sticker when I applied them to my triangular makeup sponge end.


finished look another look

To achieve this fun glitter look:

  1. I first prepped my nails with a base coat and then applied one light coat of Dazzle Me.
  2. Next, while the coat of Dazzle Me dried, I took the end of my triangular makeup sponge and applied a line of Dazzle Me, Wide Awake and Freedom. You can adjust the width of the layers based on how long your nails are. Right now my nails are super short so I did very thin layers. . .
  3. Press the sponge gently lining it up to your nail shape and viola the glitter should transfer over just like that! Pretty much all the glitter transfers over almost like a sticker in one fluid press.
  4. Repeat for all your nails. You can keep using the same sponge.
  5. After you complete the first sponging transfer, repeat again for more glittery look. I only did it 2 times but I think 3 times would make a super glitter look!
  6. Top it off to seal all the glitters with a really good top coat and you are done!

You can see my photo step by step tutorial to be featured on BudgetBabe.

I really like these glitter polishes. They dried very quickly and smooth. I always find that Pure Ice polishes are ideal for nail art because they are so affordable allowing you to experiment endless possibilities when coming up with designs and ideas.

Happy 4th of July!

~xoxo B

Pure Ice nail enamels are available through and Walmart stores nationwide.

Twitter (@OfficialPureIce) and Instagram. Join the conversation by using the hashtag #PureIce

Disclaimer: These polishes were sent to me by Pure Ice’s PR representative for my honest opinion.


Mani Monday: Memorial Day Glitter Gradient

So it’s officially Memorial Day and I hope everyone is enjoying the long holiday weekend! For my out of country readers, Memorial Day is a US holiday celebrated annually on the last Monday of May. It’s a day to honor and remember those who served in the US forces.

As beautiful American flags proudly wave as they catch the shoreline breeze over here and I am surrounded by red, white and blue, stars and stripes- it is impossible not to feel patriotic as we honor our American heroes!

The folks at Pure Ice were kind enough to send me this great glitter polish called “Freedom” which happens to be perfect for Memorial Day (and also for Fourth of July)! The polish is a great combination of red fine glitter mixed with small red circle glitters with small hexagonal bright blue glitters and larger silver star glitters. I wanted to do a quick and wearable red, white and blue theme for this Mani Monday 🙂


To achieve this look:

  1. Prepare your nails with a good base coat.
  2. Apply any silver nail polish. I used Orly “Shine” 2 coats.
  3. Let it dry completely before dabbing on “Freedom”. There are many ways to apply polish to achieve a gradient effect but for this look all you need to do is just dab and apply it until you build yourself a nice gradient effect.
  4. Pour a tiny bit out and get a star glitter with a orange cuticle stick or toothpick.
  5. Dab a blob of top coat and adhere the star where you want it.
  6. Repeat steps 4& 5 for all your nails- but again entirely up to you depending on how many star accented nails you want.
  7. Top off and seal with your favorite top coat.

My easy step by step pic tutorial will be guest blogged on Budgetbabe later today! Edit: Here is the step by step tutorial HERE 🙂

~xoxo B

Pure Ice nail enamels are available through and Walmart stores nationwide.

Twitter (@OfficialPureIce) and Instagram. Join the conversation by using the hashtag #PureIce

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Mani Monday: Super Easy Bobby Pin Floral & Polka Dot Mani

Recently, the fabulous fashionista Dianna from reached out to me to do a guest post on her blog for some nail art! I was beyond excited and humbled. For my first guest post, I wanted to do a fun design that would be ideal for Spring/Summer and also something anyone could do without having to use any special nail art tools- all you need is ONE regular hair bobby pin (and obviously polish :P) which I know everyone has!

Please check out my guest post here on budgetbabe to see my EASY step by step tutorial to achieve this “Super Easy Bobby Pin Floral & Polka Dot Mani” using Pure Ice nail enamels I created below:


The folks at Pure Ice nail enamels were kind enough to send me these colors to use for my design:

pure ice haul

[Image was created with stock photos sent by Pure Ice]

  1. Flirt Alert- A bright hot orchid pink creme
  2. Jackpot- A magenta pink with a slight pearl finish
  3. Strapless- A glitterly bright blue in clear base
  4. Scream- A beautiful teal-turquoise creme
  5. Wild thing- A nice fun lime green creme

Review: I think these colors are perfect for this Spring and Summer- my favorites being “Scream” and “Flirt Alert”. I was actually really excited to use these polishes because I have never used this particular brand to do nail art.  Honestly, I was actually surprised at how pigmented and smooth the formula is!  I only applied 2 coats of “Scream” and “Flirt Alert” to do the base for my design and was so happy how great it applied on! I’m always very picky about the nail polish brush and was pleased at how great the brush was as opposed to other comparable brands in this price range.

Another thing I didn’t realize is that Pure Ice nail enamels are also free of formaldehyde, toluene and DBP! And at only $1.99 a bottle, a great polish to have for nail art galore!

Pure Ice nail enamels are available through and Walmart stores nationwide.

Twitter (@OfficialPureIce) and Instagram. Join the conversation by using the hashtag #PureIce