Mani Monday: Bubble Wrap Mani!

As summer is winding down I have been super busy with my toddler and overjoyed with SUPER exciting news I’m pregnant – hence the little break and lack of updates! I will continue posting but not as frequently as I was before but I will try my best to update at least once a week and look into some new pregnancy safe polishes and such!

So recently, the people at Sally Hansen were kind enough to send me some of their Complete Manicure Nail polishes which I have actually LOVE using in the past for nail art. I really find that the formula in the Complete Manicure line only requires 2 coats for excellent coverage and color. The colors I used for this week’s Mani Monday are “Please Sea Me” a beautiful turquoise deep blue creme color and “Girly Party” a unique rose gold metallic. I combined these two colors to achieve a turquoise stone look that was inspired from a vintage bracelet I have. My pictorial featured on thebudgetbabe for step by step photos but to achieve this look all you need is bubble wrap!


  1. Prep your nails as usual with a base coat.
  2. Apply 2 coats of Please Sea Me the lovely turquoise color and let it dry
  3. Grab a small piece of bubble wrap and dabble on Girly Party
  4. You can control how much of the metallic effect you want because the bubbles of the bubble wrap add a nice cushion as you dabble on
  5. Let it dry and top it off with top coat and you are done!

This look is super easy and mess free! It is similar to Saran Wrap method but I find that bubble wrap allows for less mess and better control of how much color you want. I have done this bubble wrap mani before using several colors for a more textured and abstract look so the possibilities are endless when it comes to colors!


~xoxo B

Disclaimer: These polishes were sent to me by Sally Hansen’s PR representative for my honest opinion and use.



Mani Monday: ikat print mani

Recently, Wet and Wild sent me some of their Megalast nail polishes to try out and use for some nail art. Here’s a quick look at the colors they sent me below…

wet & wild megalast haul

Starting left to right: Break the Ice– a very shimmery sheer white polish with a sparkly sheen, Through the Grape Vine– a vibrant deep like purple with pink undertone, I Red a Good Book– a solid bright and beautiful red, and Bite the Bullet– a solid creme mauve, I Need a Refresh-mint– a creme and solid mint

I really like this line a lot more especially compared to the regular Wet and Wild nail polishes. The formula seems thicker and with a completely redesigned brush for smooth application. Polish has very good coverage and the brush helps with fluid application.

So for this Mani Monday I decided to use 2 of my favorites out of the ones they sent me to do a quick and simple ikat mani. The ikat nail art design is not anything new, I first attempted this design over a year ago after being inspired by a picture on Pinterest but I often repeat this look when I want to something quick on my nails as it requires no special nail art tools and you don’t have to worry about it having perfect lines!



This is the way I did my ikat nails, you can also see my photo step by step tutorial featured on Budgetbabe.

  1. Prep your nails with base coat.
  2. Apply 1st choice nail polish color. I used “I Need a Refresh-mint” for my base color.
  3. Let it dry completely.
  4. Paint on blobs with the 2nd color of your choice. I used “Through the Grapevine” for the blobs.
  5. Let the blobs dry and add a smaller blob of white in the middle. These blobs don’t have to look any particular way so don’t worry about them too much ­čśë
  6. Take black nail art striper polish and dabble quick little strokes into thin lines surrounding your blobs. You can accent your white centers a little too.
  7. Apply top coat and tadaa! You have a super easy ikat mani ­čÖé

Keep in mind there are alot of different methods out there, feel free to experiment and just do what works best for you!

~xoxo B

Disclaimer: These polishes were sent to me by Wet & Wild’s PR representative for my honest opinion.

18 Best Amateur Nail Artists Out There and I’m one!!

A little update on my nail art hips and haps. . . Sooooo yesterday I found out that I got selected as one of the “best 18 Amateur Nail Artists” by Refinery 29!! They featured my┬áComme des Gar├žons nail design I posted on my Instagram┬áwhile back which I also shared here on my blog recently. . .

Anyways, it’s a huge honor to be picked out of so many people who do nail art out there and I am so elated and humbled! This only motivates me to keep stepping up my nail game and inspire others to do the same. . . Just keep painting!

~xoxo B

Mani Monday: Throwback Comme des Gar├žons Mani

Back in March I participated in a monthly Nail Art Challenge on Instagram and I wanted to share my Comme des Gar├žons inspired mani that I did for Day 11. I’ve seen alot of people just do the popular Comme des Gar├žons heart on the tips before but I wanted to come up with something different. I got my inspiration from my brother who is always ahead of the fashion game and this Comme des Gar├žons long sleeve tee from Barneys.



I used Rimmel’s Black Satin, Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear White On and Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear Cherry Red for this design.

~xoxo B

NOTD: Neon Swag w Con Limon

I am very lucky and blessed to have such awesome friends that support my nail art adventures! So recently, I asked my fashion forward friend Hyunae to put together a fierce neon outfit for inspiration on my next nail art design because I was dying to use one of my new Floss Gloss polishes. . . So viola she put together and modeled this awesome outfit of the day for me!


Details of what Hyunae wore:

– Shirt from

-Levi’s 545 that she cut and fringed herself

-Shoes from Aldo

-Watch from Michael Kors

-Earrings & Ring from Forever21

-Sunglasses from Ray-Ban

And below is my nail art design exclusively for Hyunae which I call “Neon Swag w Con Limon” featuring Floss Gloss‘ AMAZING neon polish “Con Limon”!

neonswag1 neonswag2 neonswag3 neon swag con limon

Quick thoughts on Con Limon. . .I absolutely LOVE this polish! Kay was exactly on point in her review of her Floss Gloss haul last week. The brush is amazing for application! Formula just glides on like butter! BEST neon formula ever in my honest opinion!

~xoxo B

How Much is Too Much Polish?

Does Too Much Nail Polish or Frequent Change Damage Your Nails?

So I just wanted to share this great little article (click above for direct link to article) on Beautylish yesterday which only happily enables my nail polish & nail art addiction further. Apparently as long as you use a good base coat- your nails are safe to change up colors and designs as much as you want!

I probably change my mani every 2-3 days. If I’m really smitten with a design I did, I might keep it longer 5 days and 7 days MAX depending also on how fast it chips. However, Holiday theme manis- I can not wear longer than the day of the holiday-so less than 24 hrs. Recently, I had to come up with designs to meet challenge requirements so I was changing them 3-4 times in ONE DAY! My curiosity has led to me to make my first poll on my blog! Sooooo please answer and let’s see how often does the average nail art lover change up their nails?

Luckily, as much as I do my nails I don’t have any problems with staining or yellowing with my nails. I completely stand by my rigorous use of base coats and the fact I do not use acetone nail polish remover. I religiously avoid harsh acetone removers even though I know they are faster at removing nail polish than the acetone-free ones. But I rather have healthy looking nails then discolored yellow ones any day. A good base coat is everything though! I never apply nail polish without using one. I have several I personally prefer- Essie, Opi, and Seche Vite- what are your favorite nail polish bases?

~xoxo B

Mani-Monday: Great Gatsby Inspired

The people at Mark Cosmetics were kind enough to send me these 2 fantastic metallic nail polishes (pictured below)-┬á “Mint Tea” and “Saffron”. I never actually used Mark nail polishes before and was really happy with how pigmented these colors were! Alot of times metallic polishes can be extremely streaky and I was surprised I didn’t have this issue with these polishes! The formula was extremely smooth and the brush applied it flawlessly. Saffron is a metallic dark gold and Mint Tea is a beautiful metallic dark green with gold sheen undertones.

Mark Polishes

Here is my swatch of the “Saffron” just 2 coats!! I really LOVE this gold polish!

saffron swatch

So there’s been alot of Great Gatsby inspired nail art going around I think because there is just so much inspiration lurking amongst the geometric art deco styled cover art (pictured below) and even in the movie with all the amazing costume, makeup and cinematography you can’t help but want to try!


I thought that I would use these colors to achieve a simple metallic Great Gatsby inspired nail art for this week’s Mani-Monday below. I also made a step by step photo tutorial as a guest blog post on BudgetBabe as to how I achieved this design here.


Another look at my nails posted today on my Instagram:

Great Gatsby Mani

So have you attempted your own Great Gatsby inspired nail art?

~xoxo B