Throwback Mani: Neon Hello Kitty Leopard

One thing you must know about me is my undying love and addiction for all things Hello Kitty. It’s something my mom adorned me with growing up, so that’s why I have such a soft spot for this character. My mom never fails to ask “When are you ever going to grow out of this Hello Kitty thing?”– funny this coming from the woman who bought me Hello Kitty PJs and robe to comfort me while I was pregnant! Sooooo as I am busy here brainstorming new nail art ideas and trying to complete them in time for my Refinery 29 challenges– I didn’t want to completely neglect my blog so I thought I’d share a fun neon hello kitty leopard nail design that me and my nail bestie Kay came up with back in March for a nail art contest on Instagram called Bestie Twin Nails where you had to do the same design with your nail bestie. I adore Kay-she is seriously my ultimate nail bestie! FYI : A good nail bestie knows which polishes you like, which colors look best on you, tells you the truth if a design looks wack, lets you know about new methods & products, and ALWAYS supports your nail polish adventures!

Anyways, we came up with this design inspired off an amazing iphone wallpaper our friend Marsha made for us- see below.

Neon Pink HK Leopard

Isn’t it just fantastic? Big thanks to Marsha who always surprises us with great goodies 🙂

So here are our nails:

pink hk us

And below here’s another look at my nails with the wallpaper on my iphone 🙂

pink hk mine

Hope this inspires you to try some Hello Kitty leopard! RAWR!

~xoxo B


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