Exciting news for my next nail art adventure!

So from time to time, I enjoy entering contests ranging from photography to nail art when time allows, because I think these type of contests encourage creativity and inspiration. I have actually won a few here and there- and its really the greatest feeling to even be picked for a finalist much less a winner!

So recently, at the encouragement of my friend Dianna I entered my galaxy nail art for Refinery 29’s nail art contest on Instagram sponsored by Revlon called #R29NailArtNation. I didn’t give much thought because honestly I didn’t think I would even have a shot.

You can imagine my surprise and delight when I got an email congratulating me as being picked amongst 20 finalists! This a huge honor and I am beyond excited. If you look here where people posted entries there are thousands of people who entered and I can not believe that I have been picked amongst these!

So I just got my Revlon polishes from them today and they came all jumbled up in a cute bag. . . I had to sort them and organize immediately because its overwhelming but at the same time so exciting! I just wanted to share all these awesome colors!


From L-R the Moon Candy line: Moon Dust, Milky Way, Galactic, Meteor, Satellite, Cosmic, Eclipse, Universe, Orbit, Supernova

From L-R the NEON line: High voltage, Neon Light, Hot Flash, Florescent, Amped Up, Killer Wait, Ultra Violet, Laser Beam, Pink Glow, Atomic Pink


From L-R Expressionist line: Pinkasso, Vincent Van Gogh, Post Modern, Pastel Pink, Night & Degas, Silhouette, Ulterior Motive, Jackson Polish, Popart, Monet Monet

From L-R from the regular Revlon line: Ritzy, Iconic, Eclectic, Trendy, Urban, Sheer Surprise, Matte Top coat

I wish I could do swatches for every single one but I don’t think because of the contest deadline I even have time for all that! I really love the Expressionist names! So I have to complete 4 challenges and submit my designs by the 7th so I will be quite busy. I hope I don’t break any nails! Unfortunately, I wont be able to post pics on my blog or Instagram until after Refinery 29 has received them and posted them for contest purposes so wish me luck! I will definitely keep you guys posted! Oh the possibilities. . .

~xoxo B


9 thoughts on “Exciting news for my next nail art adventure!

  1. That’s so awesome! Congrats!!! I love and appreciate when talent is recognized! Can’t wait to see your final creations.

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