NOTD: Hard Candy’s “Celebrate the Sequins” Glitter Gradient

So apparently, Mother Nature has decided to let Spring completely skip over us and just let Summer go HAM. Just the other day it was still in the 40s and sooo cold. BAM! It’s now a scorching 88 degrees!

So I wanted to do a refreshing and icy look for my nails today to cool off from the scorching heat. . .
I used Hard Candy’s “Celebrate the Sequins”– a fantastic sparkly & fun glitter polish filled with a mix of silver and holographic glitters- for a basic glitter gradient for my nails today.

I love doing glitter gradients in general because they remind of the nail salons in Japan and South Korea with all the colorful gel glitter gradients! This mani took less than 5 minutes. Its a very quick but pretty look. I always fall back on this type of nail art when crunched for time. So, I sponged on Revlon’s “Silver Dollar” on the tips as a starting base before I applied the “Celebrate the Sequins”– that way you don’t have to glob on so much of the glitter polish to achieve the gradient effect from the silver glitters! How glitter-tastic and fun! I really like “Celebrate the Sequins”– just look at em in my my macro shot! LOVE IT!


Is it “icy” enough? Probably not but it sure is sparkly in the hot sunshine!
~xoxo B


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