Cath Kidston Floral Inspired Mani

First of all, I hope everyone had just as a fabulous Mother’s Day as I did- I truly feel so blessed and loved! Mothers deserve gratitude and appreciation everyday but it’s nice to have a whole day to celebrate and honor moms everywhere!

I received the most beautiful floral bouquet this morning from my toddler and husband- and just got literally lost in the beautiful flowers. Pretty things inspire me so I made this out of a picture I took of my flowers for my mommy friends. . .


I just really admire flowers in general- Mother Nature is truly the best artist- and I frequently find myself doing different floral prints and designs for nail art.

A little while ago I did a Cath Kidston floral print inspired mani based off this free wallpaper which I sized it for my ipad mini- photographed in the background of my nail pics.


You can download more lovely floral free wallpaper here at Cath Kidston. I did this design using no nail art tools or brushes. I simply used the nail polish brushes and a bobby pin straighten out for polka dotting. I actually chose not to use any of my nail art brushes to see how this would turn out because I was limited in time that day. I was happy how it came it out and hope this inspires you to try some floral on your nails!


~xoxo B.


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