Sally Hansen’s Breezy Blue & Golden NOTD & Review

Yesterday, I found out my 3 yr old son has some sinus pressure and irritation from allergies (eff you pollen!) thankfully nothing too severe but the pediatrician recommended some liquid Zyrtec at night for him. So off I immediately went off to my local CVS to fulfill mommy nurse duties and BAM I was bombarded by advertising stickies ($5 ECBS back with any $10 Sally Hansen purchase) all over my favorite section (nail polish duh). It’s like the nail polish goddesses knew I needed a little pick me up after all that worrying about my son’s allergies earlier in the day. So I ended up grabbing the Sally Hansen Complete Manicure gold glitter polish “Golden Rule” and a lovely baby blue Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear “Breezy Blue”.

Here is what I came up with for my nails of the day using both colors:                     Image

I used 3 coats of the “Breezy Blue” and 3 coats of the “Golden Rule” on my accent nail as a base for the leopard. I dabbed a few blobs of the Breezy Blue for my leopard spots and then did little outlines with a black nail polish and viola!

Another closer look which I posted on my instagram:



At first glance, the Sally Hansen Complete Manicure gold glitter polish “Golden Rule” really caught my attention. I have SEVERAL glitter polishes and two things I am very picky about is how smooth application is and glitter curling. Since I do nail art frequently, I don’t have the patience for icky formulas or glitter that doesn’t adhere properly. This glitter is very sparkly and fluid in bottle. Application was fantastic! Soooo smooth and absolutely no curling or bumpiness after drying! I might add that doing the leopard spots on the glitter accent nail was a breeze because it had dried so smoothly underneath as a base. This glitter also was perfect for the glitter tips I did over the Breezy Blue. I didn’t use a sponge- I just lightly dabbed it with the nail polish brush the polish came with. Nothing negative to say about this gold glitter!

The “Breezy Blue” is beautiful hue of baby blue. Its very light shade and I had to use a good solid 3 coats to get it to apply fully and without streaking. A lovely color I think that would look good on any skin tone- as I am very fair I can see this looking amazing on darker skin tones. The only negative thing I can say is that this particular color is kinda of streaky. I actually love the Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear line and this is the first color that has ever been streaky out of their line. I’m thinking it might just be this color? Any one else have this color?

Overall, a really great deal for drugstore nail polish! I recommend a trip to CVS!

~xoxo B


7 thoughts on “Sally Hansen’s Breezy Blue & Golden NOTD & Review

  1. I have this blue! I did two thick coats… and it was opaque. I was kinda surprised actually! Figured it woulda needed 3. But i also did let it dry for a quite a while between coats.

    • its such a pretty light blue! i didnt let it dry very long as i was in a rush so maybe that’s why i needed 3 coats next time ill try 2 like u did and see how it works for me 🙂

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