Mani Monday: Galaxy Nails

As motivation to post more diligently on my blog, I will be posting my nail art every Monday for ManiMondays, this monday I have for you GALAXY NAILS!

I have done galaxy nail art before but this time I used Zoya’s “Storm”for the base and holy glittertastic fun! I think that Storm adds a whole new dimension by making it way more galaxy and space-like because of all the micro fine holo glitters! My nail buddy Kay (check out her Instagram for amazing swatches) recommended this color and I absolutely LOVE it! I have gotten several requests to do a tutorial for this look via my Instagram but I highly recommend cutepolish’s galaxy nail tutorial– it’s very easy and fun! I never posted a tutorial before but maybe I will work up enough courage (and time) to do one someday! Perhaps a picture by picture one first to pop my tutorial cherry?

galaxy nails

Hope this post inspires you to try some galaxy nails!

~xoxo B


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